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May and June 2005 events

Wednesday, 25 May at 19:00

Poets Kathleen Fraser & Julie Carr presented by Jennifer K. Dick

Kathleen Fraser (right) is the author of 16 books, including the recent Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling (Apogee, 2004).

"Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling is a consummate masterwork by a singularly perceptive and articulate poet. Deceptively quiet in manner, its intimate foci and tone make clear the ground of our contemporary lives, our 'being together' despite the distances of isolating thought. I love Kathleen Fraser's extraordinary intelligence, her persistent care for where she is—and for all those she finds there too." - Robert Creeley



Julie Carr’s first book, Mead: An Epithalamion (U of Georgia Press, 2004) won the Contemporary Poetry Prize.



Jennifer Dick’s new book is Fluorescence (U of Georgia Press, 2004).



Thursday June 2 at 19:00

Poets Sandra Gilbert & Shirley Kaufman

Sandra Gilbert (right) presents her latest collection of poetry, Belongings.

"These powerful, graceful poems evoke a world of intense contradictions. Place is made real, with a sensuous exactitude, but only so as to serve a beautiful crisis of displacement....." - Eavan Boland

Shirley Kaufman presents her new bilingual selection of poems Un Abri pour nos têtes, reading with her translator Claude Vigée, who was awarded the Grand Prix de poésie de l'Académie française in 1996.

"Shirley Kaufman started her life over again in Israel in 1973....the poems are made even more poignant by current events. These lucid, lyrical poems have a powerful exactitude." - Maxine Kumin

"Shirley Kaufman...lives directly and intensely in language...granting her the unpredictable, the magic, that which cannot be sought, only found. She has duende." - Denise Levertov

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