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4th Annual Red Wheelbarrow Creative Writing Contest - Results

THANK YOU to everyone for your participation.

"The Winning Collection" is available from the Red Wheelbarrow

Thank you to the writers who were present at the Awards Party and could read aloud from their work. Thank you to the parents and teachers and others who brought the writers and/or represented them at the party. Thank you to Pedro de Alcantara for being such a terrific MC and keeping us laughing.

We were all sorry so many students were unable to make it to the Awards Party due to conflicts with school trips away. Next year we hope to figure out a day when more participants can be present.

There were many fine stories submitted in most categories (we had 300 stories total!). Below is a listing of the First Prize and Honorable Mention stories. First Prize stories are reprinted here in “The Winning Booklet," available at-cost for 5 Euros at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore. You may go to the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore to pick up your awards. If a students name isn't listed here, s/he may pick up his/her certificate and coupon at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore.

Honorable Mention Winner Theana Johnson (3rd grade/CE2) reading The Concert     Honorable Mention Winner Anais Dufour (6th grade/6ème), Tea in the Garden     Honorable Mention Winner Marjotte Louveau-Miles (4th grade/CM1), No Maple Syrup on Table 18


The Annual Red Wheelbarrow Creative Writing Contest is co-sponsored by The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) France, and Ecole Massillon. For more information about each sponsor, please visit the bookstore and the sponsors' websites.

Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) France
A professional organization for writers, illustrators and others passionate about children’s literature. Offers workshops & conferences & other support to writers, illustrators, publishers, librarians, teachers, parents, kids, and others.

Ecole Massillon
A French school based in the Marais offering bilingual programs in English and German.
2, bis quai des Célestins 75004 Paris

The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore
22, rue St Paul, 75004 Paris
Phone: 01 48 04 75 08, Fax: 01 44 59 60 23

First Prize and Honorable Mention Stories

Grande Section – Kindergarten

First Place: Sarah and the Wolf by Ikoàsti Petsimeris
Honorable Mention: The Princess and the Dragon by Laurine Raffiani

CP – First Grade

No awards were given this year for this category.

CE1 – Second Grade

First Place: Going Bananas by Louise Niepceron
Honorable Mention: Elena’s Adventure in Snow Flake Land by Catherine Bertrand Farmer
Honorable Mention: The Owl, the Mouse, and the Rat by Andrew Jones
Honorable Mention: The Brilliant Jump Horse by Elena Bernewitz
Honorable Mention: Jumping Kangaroos by Anastasia Ighatova
Honorable Mention: The Destructors by Christopher Rudolf

CE2 – Third Grade

First Place: The Baby Parrot by Riese Meyers
Honorable Mention: The Adventures of the 3 Brother Dogs by Brielle Hrymoc
Honorable Mention: James Pond 008 by Louis Boyer
Honorable Mention: The Unhappy King by Lukas Fournier
Honorable Mention: The Concert by Theana Johnson
Honorable Mention: Dreamy’s Stroll in Paris by Alexandrine Martinez

CM1 – Fourth Grade

First Place: The Plan by Amelia Garczynski
Honorable Mention: No Maple Syrup on Table 18 by Marjotte Louveau-Miles
Honorable Mention: Dangerous Mummies by Melanie Charlton
Honorable Mention: Seven Precious Stones by Emma Danet
Honorable Mention: The Mystery of the China Dolls by Faye Groleau
Honorable Mention: The Secret Behind Louis XIV by Caroline Jones
Honorable Mention: A Mountain Miracle by Max Rieutord

CM2 – Fifth Grade

First Place: A Locket in a Pocket by Sophia Stern
Honorable Mention: The Mystery of the Manuscript by Naïma Kraushaar-Friesen
Honorable Mention: The Great Horse by Madeline Wroblewski
Honorable Mention: The Sacred Blue Leaf by Thomas Renshaw
Honorable Mention: The World War by Quentin Fournier
Honorable Mention: Thorn by Isaac Shapiro
Honorable Mention: Something’s Missing by Yoyo Buchet-Deàk
Honorable Mention: A Backwards Fairy Tale by Claire Debost
Honorable Mention: At Evangeline’s by Helena Bajaj-Larsen
Honorable Mention: Horrible, Horrible Life by Emilie Balloux
Honorable Mention: Stuck in School by Yann Vajda
Honorable Mention: The Diamond Mystery by Jamie Westwood

6ème - Sixth Grade

First Place: Closing Time by Rebecca Slade
Honorable Mention: A Fairytale by Michael Vassalotti
Honorable Mention: Gladiators V by Andrew Havasy
Honorable Mention: Roast Mouse by Soyoung Han
Honorable Mention: A Dream Come True by Allyson Kulmayer
Honorable Mention: Consequences by Joseph Black
Honorable Mention: New Place, New School, New Me by Amy van der List
Honorable Mention: Maria’s Dream by Nazli El-leithy
Honorable Mention: Emma and Me by Clara Zemsky
Honorable Mention: Tea in the Garden by Anais Dufour
Honorable Mention: The Black Rose by Andrea Jansen

5ème – Seventh Grade

First Place: Siege by Bo Dossett
Honorable Mention: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Jeanné Conradie
Honorable Mention: The Mystery of Salakoos Island by Benjamin Hoyle
Honorable Mention: Runaway Child by Laura Cavaciuti
Honorable Mention: Kelsie’s Secret Friend by Emily Knox
Honorable Mention: Prophecy by Alec Recinos
Honorable Mention: Que Sera by Luke Papenfusscline
Honorable Mention: The Food o Kensworth Air by Spencer Hinson
Honorable Mention: God Knows by Cordelia Orillac

4ème – Eighth Grade

First Place: The Red Wheelbarrow by Maximilian Hechl
Honorable Mention: December 7, 1941 by Sara Ainsworth
Honorable Mention: Ghost Taxi by Conner Doyle

3ème – Ninth Grade

First Place: The Nonsense Weeklies by Nelly Buchet-Deàk
Honorable Mention: A Berber Donkey by Christopher Roth

2nde – Tenth Grade

No awards were given this year for this category.

1ère – Eleventh Grade

Honorable Mention: The Dancing Elephant by Thomas Zuber
Honorable Mention: The Squash and Sacrifice by Elisabeth Buchet-Deàk

Terminale – Twelfth Grade

Honorable Mention: Memories of the Dead by Noemi Combes


Special thanks to Ecole Massillon – I’d like to single out Kevin Cape and Ecole Massillon Director Mr. Genou – for hosting the awards party, to Lene Scharling of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) for her graphics help and to the SCBWI for producing the booklet and awards certificates, to Pedro de Alcantara for entertaining us at the party and to the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore for providing the prizes. And, of course, to our judges!

Congratulations to all the participants for a bonus story year!

Erzsi Deàk Contest Coordinator and SCBWI International Advisor


While a number of writers submitted individually, many writers submitted with their classes. Paris-area schools that were represented this year include:
  • American School of Paris
  • Centre Actif Bilingue
  • Ecole Aujourd’hui
  • Ecole Massillon
  • International School of Fontainebleau Leonardo de Vinci
  • International School of Paris
  • L’Ermitage
  • Lennen School
  • Lycee Internationale/Les Violettes
  • Marymount School
  • Notre Dame des Oiseaux
Bravo! to the individual writers for submitting and to the teachers for encouraging their classes to write and participate.

2007 5th Annual Red Wheelbarrow Creative Writing Contest

The deadline for the 5th Annual Red Wheelbarrow Creative Writing Contest is 1 April 2007. Stories need to be formatted correctly and submitted on time to be eligible. Judging is based on originality/creativity of idea and story line; clarity and organization (beginning, middle, and end); authenticity of voice; attention to guidelines (formatting, word length, etc.).

SCBWI BOLOGNA 2007: Reserve now! 21-22 April 2007. Speakers— Agents, Editors, Art Directors, Writers & Illustrators—include: Tracey Adams (agent), Steven Chudney (agent), Jana Hunter (author/illustrator), Susanne Koppe (agent), Katherine Halligan (senior commissioning editor, Simon & Schuster UK), Sarah Odedina (editor, Bloomsbury UK), Robert Sabuda (pop-up artist), Bridget Strevens-Marzo (author/illustrator), Cecilia Yung (art director, Penguin Putnam) and others. Register today at

The Red Wheelbarrow is located at 22, rue St Paul, 75004 Paris. Nearest metro station St Paul (Bastille and Sully-Morland are also close); buses 67, 96, 69, 76, and Balabus. Go here for a map.
Phone: 01 48 04 75 08, Fax: 01 44 59 60 23



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